Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From A Distance

       I've known him for many years...kind of. I've never actually met him in person, but I'd like to think that we've developed a pretty good friendship through the years. We've gone from sharing stories of love and love gone awry; to personal trials and victories. I think at one time there might have been a physical attraction, but that was all set aside over time, and eventually grew into fondness and much respect.

       I still can't shake the fact that though I am always very happy to hear that his love life is going well, I can't help but to feel some type of way about it! Don't get me wrong, this is not a case of "fatal attraction" or anything close. I think it's more like admiration from afar mixed in with a little "I may have just lost my friend."  I always get a tug in the heart (the kind u get when u find out your ex is with someone new) when he tells me of the new belle in his life. I never show anything less than happiness and excitement, because it is genuinely how I feel.

      As a woman, I'm always a little cautious when dealing with my male friends once they are in a relationship. I am a woman after all,  and I can understand that two's a couple and three's a crowd! Nevertheless, I can't help but notice how relationships can shift as a result. On one end, the three of you can become very good friends, while you keep a healthy distance, or, you can just get pushed out of the picture, dare I say...completely. There's always that unknown factor, and then there's how you feel about it. I suppose the outcome is a testament to your friendship and how dispensable it may or may not be. I've been on all sides of this scenario. Needless to say, the worst part of it occurs when you seemingly lose your "friend."

     This time around, I wouldn't say I lost a friend, but I certainly don't feel comfortable having to tip-toe around him, so I just prefer to keep my distance...for now.

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