Friday, October 8, 2010


       We want to thank you for stopping in on our small corner of this vast blogosphere. You may be wondering who we are.  Well, we’re fun, sassy, classy, bitchy, loving, caring, beautiful butterfly adoring chicks hailing from MA and NY; two friends who usually kick it by sharing information, thoughts and opinions on everything and anything under the sun.  We’ve decided to stop being selfish and share it with you too! After all, sharing means caring!

       We’ll be sharing with you our thoughts and opinions on matters having to with everyday topics; love, life, food, and shopping of course! We’ve even left room for some of those every-day things that make you say, “Hmmmm.”  Yes, we will be discussing plenty random topics.  We invite you to chime in with comments and drop us a line if there’s something you’d like us to discuss and/or share.

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