Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cellular Couture

       Haute-Couture includes exclusive names in the fashion industry like Adeline André, Giorgio Armani, Jean-Paul Gauthier and Chanel. Though the term Couture has been used loosely in the industry, it should be noted that Haute-Couture is legally regulated in Paris, France by the Chambre de Commerce et D'Industrie de Paris.  They set the very strict guidelines which allow fashion lines to consider their fashions Haute-Couture.

       That being said, everyone loves couture. I mean there are hundreds of fashion magazines that prove this. From Vogue to W, Esquire to GQ, people always want the scoop on the latest fashion trends. It should also be noted that people love bling. Anything glittery that shimmers, will surely turn heads.  So why limit couture to clothes when you can dress your cell phone in couture that will surely catch someone's eye! 

      To the left, you see a creation designed by Cellphone Couture, LLC for the iPhone. A very detailed design, to include the infamous overlapping Chanel "C's". This gem is priced at $175.00.  


If Louis Vuitton is your fashion house of choice, the Hailan Group has created a unique case for the iPhone 4, to include about 1000 genuine Swarovski Crystals which are individually hand-set by one of their designers to make a truly unique product. They also provide replacement crystals in case of a mishaps! This Louis Vuitton case (left)  is priced at $59.90. The case to the right is price at $44.99.

 By definition however, we know that couture is not only marked by exclusivity, but it's also marked on the fact that the design was created specifically with someone in mind. 

        So perhaps you are an NBA fan and would have ordered something like this handmade, diamond NBA case for the iPhone 4, also made with Austrian Swarovski crystals ( left) or a Gucci case ( right), you can pretty much get whatever it is your heart desires.

             So if it's made to order, and it looks exclusively fabulous, I guess you can kind of consider it Haute-Couture! 

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