Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summertime: A Big Girl's Commitment Issues

     It’s the beginning of April, which means summer is quickly approaching! I live in the East, and I’ve noticed that some New Yorkers refuse to accept the fact that just because temperatures climb to the mid ‘60s and almost ‘70s, it doesn’t mean we can unpack the shorts and the open-toe sandals just yet! However, the warm temps come as some sort of awakening for foodies like me, who have spent most of the winter indoors, warmed by good comfort foods and maybe even unhealthy snacks, while watching movies or what we’ve saved on the DV-R.

    Thus, we have our dilemma..

January came and with that came the resolution to “get fit this year.” Once February rolled around, a “promise I’ll get started this month.” March came and I declared myself “too tired and too cold to hit the gym” and before long, it was April. Not to mention that after every episode of The Biggest Loser, motivation is at its pinnacle. Of course this only lasts until the lights go out and the sun rises again! Unfortunately, like many, I can’t seem to commit; well until now...sorta.

    I’ve decided that like most weight loss gurus tout, the idea isn’t to get on some fad diet to lose the weight, but to try and change my eating habits. “How?” you may ask. I decided to start paying attention to what and how I eat. To help me do so, I picked up the Eat This, Not That! No-Diet Diet and a calorie counting book. Like most New Yorkers, I am always on the go!  I tend to eat most of my meals on the go. But I’m learning that at times, finding the right things to eat can be difficult when you have to put thought into it. It’s also a bit difficult for me, because I can’t eat the same thing all the time either. I need constant variety. I’m the type that likes a party of bursting flavors in my mouth when I eat. But slowly and surely...change is a comin’!

    I have high hopes for myself, (and for you) as I look forward to incorporating a workout to help the process. But I realize that the issue isn’t that I don’t see myself in the mirror and ignore my sins, or that I don’t always feel guilty when I know I shouldn’t have eaten something deliciously sinful. I have commitment issues when it comes to this new way of life, new way of eating type stuff! But I’m ready to make the commitment ...are you?

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